Friday, 13 August 2010

Many of the resources in 23 things were new
to me and so it has been an encellent way to
discover these tools. Web 2.0 will play an
important role in the shaping of Libraries.
The tools I will use on a regular basis
are Delicious and Librarything.
My only experience of wikis has been using Wikipedia
which I do have trust in (although not 100%). After
seeing the promotional videos I do think I will
investigate their wider uses.
Podcasts are useful for catching up on programmes
I may have missed. I rarely look at Youtube. I don't
think I would consider using these applications
for Library purposes.
I don't think I would use google documents over any
of the applications found on Microsoft Office.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Marketing our Library services is an important
issue and involves making sure readers don't
miss out on what we have to offer.
Connecting users via Web 2 offers some options
such as starting up a Facebook page. I will also
be including some of the features in 23 Things
in our inductions for the next academic year.
Zotero is a piece of referencing software I have
recommended to students in inductions.
I do think that Librarything would be a good
resource to use for home cataloguing.
I don't use LinkedIn mainly because I don't
know anyone on it.